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Who am I?​

I'm Ellen Dyverfeldt, I'm a personal trainer and health coach and the founder of Train with Ellen ltd. My expertise lies in helping high achieving busy people who are largely desk bound get a healthier life and a resilient body.

I have been in the industry for nearly a decade now. Before hand I had a career as a contemporary dancer, which is why I have such a love for movement.

I help my clients to take charge of their health with the approach it should integrate with their life, boost creativity, help with stress management whilst building a resilient body in the most rewarding and easy way.

With the FREE Simple start guide to effortless health you get 5 tips to a healthier life. You can get a behind the scene look into how I help busy people build a foundation that is rewarding, stress free and can sky rocket your health and wellbeing.

And you get some bonus movement material as well. The one Im most exited for you to learn is, 3 ways to make an exercise / movemnet easier or hard.

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